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Ranson WV Charrette

September 28, 2011 in charrette

Ranson and Charles Town’s next 100 years begin now.

From September 8 through the 14th 2011.

In an unprecedented week-long mega-workshop, city officials, residents, business community and a team of international consultants will be considering ideas and actions to help guide Ranson, Charles Town, and Jefferson County towards a future rich in opportunity for our families and businesses.

San Marcos

September 27, 2011 in charrette, zfeatured

San Marcos TX streetscape

This is a streetscape I completed during a charrette in San Marcos, TX with Placemakers ( The main purpose of the rendering was to illustrate all of the elements missing in the existing plan. This view highlights an active pedestrian street on the left and active civic space on the right. On the right side a transit center is oriented to the street while a museum at the rear is fronted on the town green space. A bus is shown on the right as well as bicyclist to show alternative transit. Appropriately scaled three story mixed use buildings line the street on the left, which help define the ‘outdoor room’ of the public streets and sidewalks. An active pedestrian street can include street trees, outdoor cafes, bike racks, wide sidewalks for multiple uses, pedestrian scaled light fixtures, and street furniture.